Utah State University Library

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Art Book and Music Collections

The Art Book Collections are located in the bay, on the lower level. These collections include all of the Library of Congress call numbers beginning with the letters M (Music) and N (Visual Arts) along with the TR (Photography) and TT (Arts and Crafts) call number ranges. There is also a CD Music Collection. Open during library hours. Book Collections and Music CDs may be checked out at the Circulation Desk on the Main Level.

Art book Room

The Art Book Room is located in Room 042 and houses the more expensive and unique art books, Artists' Books, and many source documents -- primarily exhibit catalogs. The Art Book Room Collection focuses particularly on western American modernism and Abstract Expressionism, complementing the focus of the art collection at the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art in the Fine Arts Center at Utah State. Books in the Art Book Room circulate by arrangement, only.

The Art Book Room is also home to the Prestini Design Collection, the core of the late U.C. Berkeley Prof. James L. Prestini's personal library. Visually oriented, the collection is virtually a small library in itself, with call numbers running from A to Z. A gift to the Library by Kathryn Caine Wanlass, a preeminent supporter of the arts at Utah State University, the Collection will continue to develop with a selection of classic, eclectic, and important books on design. Most Prestini Design Collection books freely circulate with some exceptions. Please check with staff.

The Beat & Little Magazine Collection

The Beat Poetry and Little Magazine Collection, a gift from the Marie Eccles Caine Foundation is also housed in this area. An important collection, it chronicles the "Beat Movement" in American literature and history through primary sources including over 2300 books and pamphlets, 1400 Beat magazines, 150 anthologies and approximately 35 broadsides and posters. This core collection was later joined by a second gift from the Caine Foundation: the "Little Magazine" collection which extends and compliments the first, larger collection. The library continues to add Beat materials as they become available. The present collection already contains over 5,000 annotated items. Beat materials generally do not circulate but can be accessed in the Art Book Room. The Beat collection includes a selection of AV materials that do circulate.