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Book Collections

The Utah State University Special Collections "Rare Books & Periodicals Division" actually contains more than "rare" books. These collections of materials have been gathered here for various reasons. Some of the materials are in Special Collections because of their age, rarity, or condition, which requires special handling. Some of the Book Collections are housed together to provide a unique opportunity for focused research in a particular area.

Unfortunately, the Book Collection listings are not fully searchable through our search engine, however, it is usually possible to use the "find in page" function found within most web browsers (CTRL+F) to search this index for specifics.

Book Collection 1 - Books by Sir Harold George Nicolson. Mostly English history.
Book Collection 2 - Books by Victoria Mary Sackville-West, English poet and novelist, married to Harold Nicolson. See no. 55 for biography on Sackville-West.
Book Collection 3 - A collection of dance band music, 1921-1952. Register available.
Book Collection 4 - Books by Nolie Mumey. Mostly on Western history, especially Colorado & Rocky Mountains & gold mines.
Book Collection 5 - Books by and about Mary Austin, American novelist, dramatist. Includes a biography on Austin.
Book Collection 6 - Kenneth W. Brewer Poetry Collection. Books and articles (including reviews) by and about Brewer.
Book Collection 7 - Books, articles, etc. written or edited by Ray B. West. Jr.
Book Collection 8 - Books by Alfred Lambourne (1850-1926).
Book Collection 9 - L.A. Stoddart Collection.
Book Collection 10 . Jack London Collection of materials by and about Jack London. Various sub-collections.

From Jack London's Library:

Jack London

Book Collection (Coll. V Gr. 2) One of the preeminent American authors of the twentieth century, Jack London (1876-1916) was perhaps as well known for his rugged, active lifestyle and socialist politics as for his writing. The author of such classics as Call of the Wild and White Fang, London led a life that was even more adventuresome than the characters he created. Utah State University has one of the nation's largest research collections of Jack London materials. Included in that collection is a complete set of first editions of Jack London's books, each of which he inscribed to his wife, Charmian, and includes a personal photograph glued inside the cover. This exhibit features an image of the cover and title page of each book as well as London's inscription and photograph. The pictures range from vacation snapshots to family portraits to pin-up photos of London himself.

Book Collection 11 - The Old West and Cowboy Collection. A collection of books on cowboys, Indians, outlaws and lawmen, and history of the Old West. This collection supports FOLK COLL 11 The Skaggs Foundation Cowboy Poetry Library.
Book Collection 12 - Notable characters of the Old West: articles and short monographs.
Book Collection 13 - Peirce Collection, 1916. History, exploration, and travel of U.S., mostly in the 1800s. Mormon history.
Book Collection 14 - Cattle ranching in the West.
Book Collection 16 - The Edward H. Bregman Collection. History of the Southwest, especially Arizona. Organized by author.
Book Collection 17 - Range Management Collection; register available. Journals, monographs, article reprints, etc. on range management and related subjects.
Book Collection 18 - Hogarth Living Poets Series published by Leonard and Virginia Woolf during the 1920s and 30s.
Book Collection 19 - Materials on or about George Sterling, San Franciscan poet and member of the Bohemian Club.
Book Collection 20 - Veneta L. Nielsen
Book Collection. A collection of poetry books made up of books and poetry written by Veneta Nielsen or given to her by other poets and authors.
Book Collection 21 - Erotica.
Book Collection 22 - Materials on oil shale and energy resources in the West, especially Utah. Includes reports, memorandums and correspondence between U.S. government agencies such as the Oil Shale Environmental Advisors Panel, etc. dating from 1974-1979.
Book Collection 23 - Bertren Wendell Allred Western Americana Collection on western history, cowboys, etc. Arranged alphabetically by author.
Book Collection 24 - Richard C. and Dolly Bentley Collection on western history. Arranged alphabetically by author.
Book Collection 25 - Evans Western American Literature Collection on the American West including Utah and Mormon history; includes many theses on western topics.
Book Collection 26 - Central Utah Project and Central Utah Water Conservancy District. Includes minutes and materials from meetings of the Directors of the Central Utah Water Conservancy District from 1965-1984.
Book Collection 27 - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Collection.
Book Collection 28 - B.W. and Alice Allred Collection. Materials from their personal library, mostly on range management, prairies, Willa Cather, etc.383 items.
Book Collection 29 - McDill Western Collection (uncataloged).
Book Collection 30 - Materials published and compiled by Utah Light Ministry and Jerald and Sandra Tanner. Mostly controversial literature about Mormons and Mormonism.
Book Collection 31 - Materials by and about Max Beerbohm.
Book Collection 32 - May Swenson library; contains poems and writings by May Swenson.
Book Collection 33 - Forest Service publications on the Intermountain and Rocky Mountain regions.
Book Collection 34 - Historical education collection containing primers, readers and other teaching aids from 19th and early 20th century. Includes Eclectic Education Series, McGuffey readers, Carpenters Geographical Readers.
Book Collection 35 - Book binding and preservation.
Book Collection 36 - Materials about American Indians published by the U.S. Office of Indian Affairs and Indian Service.
Book Collection 37 - Caxton Printers First Editions Collections: up to 1970; after that, integrate with regular deweys. First edition published by Caxton Printers of Caldwell, Idaho.
Book Collection 38 - Materials about water in the West, 1899 to date. Register available.
Book Collection 39 - The American Guide Series.
Book Collection 40 - Eric Gill and St. Dominic's Press Collection Materials by or about Eric Gill as well as materials published by Ditchling Press or St. Dominic's Press. Many are gifts donated by John S. Marsh (January 1992).
Book Collection 41 - Lord Alfred Douglas Collection.
Book Collection 42 - Utah State University Theses and Dissertations.
Book Collection 43 - Materials on Cache Valley from Utah newspaper special editions.
Book Collection 43 no. 2 - Index to "Looking Back" Articles by A.J. Simmonds in the Valley and Cache Magazines
Book Collection 44 - Western archaeology materials.
Book Collection 45 - Tomas G. Masaryk Collection on materials relating to Czechoslovakia. Selected items available digitally.
Book Collection 46.
1920-1930 Sheet Music Collection.
Book Collection 47 - Sierra Club Collection on the environment.
Book Collection 48 - Catalog collection.
Book Collection 49 - Hansel and Gretel/Snow White Collection. Donated by Brenda Branyan.
Book Collection 50 - Little Red Riding Hood Collection. Created and donated by Brenda Branyan.
Book Collection 51
. John F. Kennedy Assassination Collection.
Book Collection 52 - Limberlost Press
Book Collection. A collection of books made and printed by the Limberlost Press of Boise, Idaho. It is made up of books dealing with the history and literature of the Inter-mountain West.
Book Collection 53 - Beat poetry.
Book Collection 54 - Children's Rare
Book Collection.
Book Collection 55 - William F. Lye African Collection.
Book Collection 56 - Wallace Stegner Collection.
Book Collection 57 - Cache Valley High School Yearbooks.
Book Collection 58 - World Wars Collection.
Book Collection 59 - Preston P. Nibley, Sr. Collection (uncataloged).
Book Collection 60 - Utah and Southeast Idaho Telephone Directories.
Book Collection 61 - Vardis Fisher Collection.
Book Collection 62 - G.D. Ramsay Collection.
Book Collection 63 - Blue Scarab Press Collection.
Book Collection 64 - Landscape Architecture Book and Periodical Collection.
Book Collection 65 - Ernest C. Jeppsen Sheet Music Collection.
Book Collection 66 - Frances and Frederick P. Champ Book Collection. This collection is made of books from the private library of Frances Winton and Frederick P. Champ, a prominent and distinguished family who lived in Logan, Utah.