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Grad Certificate in Archiving and Public Programming

As of Fall 2017, the graduate Certificate in Archiving and Public Programming is offered at Utah State University. The Certificate is intended for those students interested in gaining archival experience and who hope to work in non-profit organizations. The term "public programming" refers to skills related to non-profit work, such as grant writing and project management, as well as media production. Please note: The Certificate in Archiving and Public Programming is not a professional certification program, but rather a specialized course of study.

Eligibility: Any student matriculated in a graduate program at Utah State University may apply for enrollment in the Certificate Program.

Requirements: The graduate certificate requires 12 credits of graduate work. Required courses

Many elective classes are highly specialized and are only offered every other year. Some classes may require the permission of instructor to enroll. All undergraduate classes must be taken for graduate credit and therefore special arrangements with the instructor must be made. Students should plan carefully when considering the Certificate and work closely with the Advisor to choose classes. Students may petition the Advisor to have other classes not listed considered in lieu of the electives above.

Contact: For more information, including internship hour requirements and an enrollment form, please contact Dr. Lisa Gabbert, Certificate Advisor, by email at lisa.gabbert@usu.edu or by phone at 435-797-2721.