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The following examples are representative of the style used in both the single item and focused projects. They are included to give you an idea of the kinds of folklore that are available for collecting and to demonstrate the format you are expected to follow. By reading these examples, you may have a better idea of how to handle the items you have collected or you may find answers to some questions you have about the assignment.


Although the examples of collected folklore presented here are only one or two pages long, you may collect items much longer. The length of the following items was limited in the interest of space. You should not feel restricted to two pages. Do not combine brief items of folklore on a single page. Each text should be documented separately (even if collected at the same time) and should start at the top of a new page.

Sometimes informants will request that their identity be protected. If this should occur, instead of using the name of your informant, you can still give information about him or her without identifying the individual. Use descriptive terms like "Caucasian, male, 24 years old" or "Native American, female, college student." You can also give your informant an pseudonym (alias).

Please put the titles and headings in bold type face as indicated in the examples; this makes each section easier for the reader to visually distinguish from the other sections.