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Focused Student Fieldwork Collections

The focused student fieldwork collecting project requires you to choose a single theme or topic (such as occupational, ethnic or family folklore) or a genre (such as legends, jokes, folksong, custom, belief, foodways) and collect items about that topic or genre. For clarification about topics, consult with your instructor.

If you are collecting long items like legends or customs, it is expected that you will have a minimum of 10 items. If you are collecting short items such as jokes or proverbs, it is expected that you will have a minimum of 20 items. If you have any questions regarding the length of your project, again consult with your instructor.

Your project must contain the following items and this format will be considered when your instructor is grading your project.

Collecting Project Format:

( ) Title Page

( ) Collector Release Form (1 per project)

( ) Informant Release Form (1 for each informant)

( ) Table of Contents

( ) Cover Essay

( ) Autobiographical Sketch

( ) Documented items, in the correct format

A clarification of each of these items is included in the pages that follow.