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What is USU's folklore podcast? USU Special Collections & Archives produces a "slice" of folk podcast called FolkBistro. FolkBistro explores folklore genres, groups and themes. USU's Folklore Program is a participant of this venture, giving folklore students an opportunity to collect folklore through a podcast. Student podcast will be vetted for inclusion as a segemnet of FolkBistro.

The podcast assignment allows you to collect a type of folklore (such as legend, tradition, prank, initiation, family custom, folk belief) and produce a 5-7 minute podcast exploring that folklore genre. For clarification about topics, consult with your instructor. Each podcast should include:

Your podcast must be submitted to instructor with the following:

Podcasts (CD, metadata forms, releases) will be added to the FOLK COLLECTION 8: USU (Undergraduate Student Fieldwork Collection) in USU's Special Collections & Archives.