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Northern Utah Speaks

Randy Williams, curator of the Fife Folklore Archives, founded Northern Utah Speaks (NUS) in 2003. NUS is the aggregate of Utah State University Special Collections & Archives' rich oral history collections and ongoing fieldwork efforts. NUS works to identify areas of interest, collect, teach best-practice oral history workshops, archive, preserve, present, and make available the ethnographic documentation in areas critical to the people, environment, and history of Northern Utah and USU.

Austin & Alta Fife
Austin & Alta Fife, Ethnographers

This ongoing collection is added to by SCA staff and affiliates in an effort to include the voices of all Northern Utah communities, with special attention to the voices of the underrepresented, underserved, and excluded in the archival record. This continued oral history work is important as a means to more fully understand and acknowledge all peoples in the local, state and national story for both present and future researchers. The collection includes

Fife American & Mormon Collections
USU Veterans History Project Collection
Teton Dam Disaster Oral History Collection
USU Graduate Student Fieldwork Collection
September 11, 2001: USU Student Documentary Collection
The Living Traditions of the Bear River Heritage Area
Italian-Americans in the West: Utah Section Collection
Latino/a Voices Project & Latino/a Voices Digital Collection
Grouse Creek Cultural Survey and Grouse Creek Cultural Survey Digital Collection
Cache Valley Refugee Oral History Project, 2015 and Cache Valley Refugee Oral History Project Digital Collection
Swaner Family Oral History Project, 2015-2016 and Swaner Legacy- Oral History Project Digital Collection
The Reverend H. Baxter Liebler Collection
Cache Community Connections Oral History Project, 2008-2010
Smithfield Oral History Project, 1956-1991
Ranch Family Documentation Project, 2009-2012 and Ranch Family Documentation Digital Collection
The Marie Fuhriman Olsen Oral History Collection, 1972-1984
Providence City Oral History Project, 2005-2008
Collecting Memories: Oral Histories of American Folklorists and Collecting Memories: Oral Histories of American Folklorists Digital Collection
Central Utah Project: Capturing Utah's share of the Colorado River, 2012-2013 and Central Utah Project: Capturing Utah' s share of the Colorado River Digital Collection
Cache Valley Presbyterian Church Oral History Collection
Logan Canyon Land Use Management Oral History Collection and Logan Canyon Reflections
Fife Folklore Archives Oral History Collection
Election Reflections: Social Media Collecting Project Digital Collection, 2016 Digital Collection
Cache Valley Drug Court Oral History Project, 2016-2017 and Cache Valley Drug Court Oral History Project Digital Collection
Jackson Hole Dude Ranching Tradition: Triangle X, 2017 and Jackson Hole Dude Ranching Tradition: Triangle X Digital Collection
Great Salt Lake Wetlands Oral History Project Digital Collection: Box Elder County, 2017-2018