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Release forms are required for items deposited in Utah State University Library's Special Collections & Archives, which includes the Fife Folklore Archives (hereafter SCA). The purpose of a release form is to protect the informant, collector (you) and the Archives and to insure that collectors and informants are aware of what happens to the material they contribute. By signing the release form, the participant and collector release the item/collection to SCA. However, although the physical item is released to SCA, the intellectual property rights reside with the informant and the collector. If deemed necessary, you may add restrictions regarding the use of the item/collection on the release form.


When submitting a Genre (Single) Item or a Context Focused Fieldwork Project, there should be one completed release form or hoja de consentimiento for each participant. This form includes a release of the collector for the item.

When submitting a Genre Focused Fieldwork Collection there should be a release form or hoja de consentimiento for each participant AND one collector release form which serves to release the entire collection (including the student essay) to SCA. This form is completed by you, the student (collector).