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Over 120,000 images (including over 4,100 digital copies) are available for researchers in the Photograph Section of Special Collections and Archives. A number of well-known photographers are represented including A.J. Russell, C.R. Savage, Charles E. Johnson, William Henry Jackson, Timothy O'Sullivan, William Hopkins, and Craig Law as well as numerous images of Cache Valley, USU, and agriculture in the Inter-mountain West.

These photographs can be utilized for a variety of purposes such as: illustrations for articles, books, documentaries , exhibits, and web publishing; for family history and geneology; and for home and business decoration. Photographs are also important historic documents. For example, scientists use historic images to study changes in vegetation. Historians see social and cultural changes by examining the importance of what was, and what was not, photographed. Finally, artists and art historians analyze the prints of photographers whose images are considered artistic works of high quality.

Searching Photograph Collections: Please note that there are over 4,100 digital copies available online from the Merrill-Cazier Digital Library or the online registers, but this represents only about 3% of the processed photograph collections. You can also key-word search through the processed photograph collection inventories. Collection-level descriptions are available from the Merrill-Cazier's online catalog.

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